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    主题 ghd study on children with gay parents

    study on children with gay parents,ghd eclipse comprar

    Allegations of scientific misconduct have prompted the University of Texas to investigate a professor's study that found adults with gay parents reported significantly different life experiences than the children of married,tiffany outlet, heterosexual biological parents. It has since drawn criticism from scholars at UT and elsewhere.

    Bucking the consensus of the past decade of scholarship that the sexual orientation of parents does not negatively affect children in consequential ways Regnerus found that adults with gay parents tended to report lower levels of success in economic and romantic pursuits and struggled more with mental health issues,tiffany.

    In his letter,ghd iv styler, Rosensweig alleged that Regnerus had committed scientific misconduct because he had created "a study designed so as to be guaranteed to make gay people look bad, through means plainly fraudulent and defamatory." Rosensweig also pointed out that the study was funded by the conservative Witherspoon Institute and the Bradley Foundation, writing that Regnerus had taken "money from an anti gay political organization for his study."

    Regnerus declined to comment on the inquiry but said that his study followed the standard protocol of scholarly research,ghd planchas.

    "A team consisting of leading family researchers was involved in developing the research protocol,tiffany," Regnerus wrote in an email. "This academic team merged scholars across disciplines and ideological lines in a spirit of civility and reasoned inquiry,ghd baratas, and the protocol developed by this team was subsequently approved by the University of Texas' Institutional Review Board."

    "Normal procedures were followed for obtaining outside support,bracciale tiffany, as many researchers do," he wrote.

    The University of Texas defines scientific misconduct as "fabrication, falsification,ghd eclipse comprar, or plagiarism" and "practices that seriously deviate from ethical standards."

    A panel of UT professors is conducting the inquiry, and the process will be completed within 60 days of the complaint,ghd planchas, said Gary Susswein,tiffany outlet, a UT spokesman. Ultimately,tiffany, if a university investigation finds that Regnerus' work constitutes scientific misconduct,bracciale tiffany, Provost Steven Leslie would decide how the administration will proceed,bracciale tiffany, Susswein said.

    Among the study's critics is UT sociology professor Debra Umberson,comprar ghd.

    "Regnerus' study is bad science. Among other errors, he made egregious yet strategic decisions in selecting particular groups for comparison," Umberson and three colleagues wrote in a June 26 editorial on The Huffington Post

    Five UT faculty members also signed a letter,tiffany milano, along with 200 scholars at multiple universities,tiffany milano, to the editor of Social Science Research,ghd planchas, James Wright,tiffany milano, pointing out what they said were flaws in Regnerus' methodology and saying the journal's review process took five weeks,ghd baratas, when most take between two and three months.

    Wright said the review of Regnerus' article did take five weeks,tiffany e co, but attributed that to prompt reviewers and Regnerus' quick turnaround of revisions. The journal is in the process of auditing the review.
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