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    主题 tiffany outlet italia Nortel hacked for years but

    Nortel hacked for years but failed to protect itself,tiffany outlet

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    Nortel Networks was the victim of a series of cyberattacks likely originating from China for almost 10 years, but the company ultimately failed to defend itself,louboutin milano, says The Wall Street Journal.

    Citing an internal investigation by former Nortel systems security adviser Brian Shields,tiffany outlet italia, the Journal (subscription required) found that hackers apparently based in China carried on a decade long campaign of stealing technical papers,louboutin schuhe, R reports,christian louboutin, employee e mails,tiffany e co, and other sensitive documents from the network company.

    By grabbing just seven passwords from top Nortel execs back in 2000,tiffany outlet, the hackers managed to gain access to the company's network and remotely control personal computers by flooding them with spyware.

    Nortel eventually uncovered the hacked passwords and breach in 2004. In response, the company changed the seven passwords and kicked off an internal investigation,tiffany e co, the Journal noted. But according to Shields,tiffany outlet italia, Nortel didn't bother to determine if any of its products were compromised and halted the investigation after six months due to a lack of solid leads.

    The cyberattacks continued intermittently for the next several years. Shields told the Journal that he offered recommendations for shoring up the network,tiffany e co, but company brass reportedly failed to act on them.

    Another investigation turned up further details,louboutin online, but again Nortel chose to ignore the findings,louboutin outlet italia, according to five former employees cited by the Journal.

    By that point Nortel itself was in trouble,tiffany outlet italia, forced to lay off staff, including Shields,louboutin uomo, and sell off assets to stay afloat. Filing for bankruptcy in 2009, Nortel also failed to disclose the network breach to potential buyers,louboutin, said Shields.

    When asked about the hacks by the Journal,louboutin deutschland, one of Nortel's former CEOs,tiffany outlet, Mike Zafirovski,tiffany e co, simply said that "People who looked at [the hacking] did not believe it was a real issue."

    Nortel did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment. His first book,louboutin outlet italia, "Windows 8 Five Minutes at a Time,christian louboutin," was published by Wiley Sons in November 2012.
    sam258941 发表于:2014-3-13 11:51:47