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    主题 zapatillas asics running How to Create Effective Y

    How to Create Effective Yellow Pages Ads,zapatillas padel asics

    People go to the yellow pages with intent to buy. You don have to create demand for your product,asics tiger; it already there. All you have to do is convince the buyer that you should be the business that they call first,asics παπουτσια.

    The only downside to yellow page advertising is the cost of the ad placement. It not a one shot deal. It is a commitment for a full 12 month ad run. It is essentially the same as going down to your local paper and making a deal to run an ad every day for the next year without the opportunity to stop or change the ad throughout the year. That a huge risk. I don know any businesses that do that except for car dealerships,asics danmark, but they get to change their newspaper ads as often as they like.

    As you can see,zapatillas asics padel, yellow pages have a potentially big payoff but also have a big risk factor. That why you need to be very careful about the ad that you place. It needs to be a winner. If it isn you be flushing your money right down the tube every month and there nothing you be able to do about it. If you going to advertise in the yellow pages, make it pay off.

    The good news is that 95% of all yellow page ads are WEAK. Why? Usually, because small businesses worry more about how much they are going to spend rather than the ad itself. Far too many businesses let the yellow page company do the ad design and layout. Big mistake!

    This is the advice you typically get from a yellow page rep:

    Use a big ad

    Use a heavy border around your ad

    Add color to it

    Use a bigger ad

    Make your name and logo really big,asics nimbus, and have a lot of space in your ad

    Use an even bigger ad

    Give your hours of operation,asics noosa, phone number,asics nimbus, address,zapatillas running asics, as well as the MasterCard and Visa logos (if you accept them)

    Use more than one really,asics gel nimbus, really big ad under multiple listings!

    The yellow page companies have no incentive to make your ad work. They only care about how much they will make from the ad. That is why I always recommend having a professional marketer do the design or at least do an assessment on the ad. Listen,zapatillas asics running, it costs the same to run an ineffective small business yellow page ad,asics gel nimbus, as it does to run a super responsive one. Why not make it responsive and get your moneys worth?

    Your Primary Yellow Page Objective

    It critical to know what your primary yellow page objective is before you begin to design your ad. I cut to the chase right now. Your primary objective is to get your prospect to call you. Not to sell them on your product,asics sneaker, not to get them to come into your store,asics gel, but to call you. Besides,asics tiger, that why they grabbed the yellow pages anyway,asics running, to make a phone call.

    Knowing this now,asics nimbus 13, you should design everything in your ad to get them to not only give you a phone call,zapatillas running asics, but to be the first and only one they will call. That is the first step. Once you get the phone call,asics trail, your primary objective is to get them to visit your store.

    Before Designing Your Ad, Answer this One Question

    What is your prospect looking for when they look in the Yellow Pages,asics nimbus? The answer is slightly different for businesses selling products versus businesses selling services,asics θεσσαλονικη.
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