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    主题 lacoste Awesome aviation facts

    Awesome aviation facts

    Did you know Stewardess is the longest word in the English language typed with just the left hand on a desktop keyboard,lacoste soldes? You just tried it didn't you,lacoste!?

      Lost baggage

    BA lost the luggage of an average of nine passengers on every jumbo jet flight in the first half of 2008,new balance 420, according to a study done by the Association of European Airlines.

      Higher sense of taste

    German airline Lufthansa commissioned a study to find out why people prefer to drink tomato juice up in the air, when usually they wouldn't. Yes,lacoste, ground breaking stuff. The study does however offer insight into our perception of flavours at high altitudes. Air pressure conditions in planes reduce our ability to taste properly. Salt and sugar all taste weaker when in the air while our smell and taste detection thresholds are higher under lower pressure on the ground. The findings helped Lufthansa improve their inflight meal offerings.

      More food for thought

    Air plane food is not the most interesting part of air travel that's for sure but it is an essential part of the flight for some,new balance 410. Even more so for pilots apparently.

    While people have in fact found the odd maggot in their meal,new balance, airports do remain extremely strict on food regulations and safety. Although the pre made meals are regarded safe,lacoste live, food related illness remains a universal risk. For this reason,casquette lacoste, most airlines have their pilots eat different meals. It minimizes the threat of illness,lacoste soldes, ensuring the safety of at least one pilot! But we can't guarantee what happens when the pilots fall asleep.

      What's in a name,new balance 574?

    Do you know what KLM stands for? Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij NV (Royal Aviation Company) to be exact. It also happens to be the worlds' oldest airline,survetement lacoste, established in 1919,survetement lacoste, with its maiden voyage taking flight in 1920 between Amsterdam and London. As for the second oldest? It's Qantas (Originally an acronym for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services),lacoste live, which was formed in 1920 and has the best safety record with no fatal crashes in their history.  Most expensive ticket

    The world's most expensive plane ticket cost Sydney millionaire Julian Hayward,new balance madrid, an amazing $123 000 (about R1.23 million at R10/$),new balance 574, after being the first person to buy a seat on the A380 maiden flight between Singapore and Sydney in 2007.

      First flight attendants

    United hired the first female flight attendant in 1930. Ellen Church,casquette lacoste, a 25 year old registered nurse made history and in turn started a trend of female nurses working on airplanes   completely replacing men by 1936. Requirements for the job back then included weighing no more than 115 pounds (52kg),survetement lacoste, being a nurse and un married. Interestingly enough,new balance, Heinrich Kubis was Germany's and the world's first flight attendant, in 1912. These days the job requirements may have eased slightly for both males and females, but tattoos are apparently a no no.
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